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Mismatched Mayhem

Mismatched Mayhem is a fun for all-ages 2D arcade brawler in which players assemble their own custom monster and battle it out in an assortment of crazy arenas for your viewing pleasure! Players will customize all aspects of their creature from the arms, legs, torso, and the head from an assortment of beautifully hand-drawn parts. From there, the two created creatures will fight in a duel of epic proportions with all kinds of crazy attacks! Lightning, bananas, ray guns, and even your own limbs; nothings off limits in this matchup for the ages! This project was made for FUSE. FUSE is an annual student showcase for Bradley’s Interactive Media Department. Combining art, technology, media, and community, FUSE is your chance to engage with interactive exhibits, animation screenings, and innovative learning experiences. Groups are randomly assigned and from there they create a game or experience to show at fuse if selected. 

Below is the work I created for the game

Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop.  Game created in Unity

Videos from Fuse 2022

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