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Party Crashers

Party Crashers is a festive VR experience where the player defends their birthday party from evil piñatas that seek to ruin all the fun. Piñata Hyenas charge the player while wreaking havoc on the decorations. Party-Hat birds pelt the player with heat seeking hats. The Streamer Squid pulls all the streamers from the bouncy castle, comfortably commanding the backyard battlefield. Players will be taken on an arcade style brawler through the colorful remains of their birthday party where they will bash piñatas, collect candy, and save the day! It is a FUSE 2023 exhibit. FUSE is an annual student showcase for Bradley’s Interactive Media Department. Combining art, technology, media, and community, FUSE is your chance to engage with interactive exhibits, animation screenings, and innovative learning experiences. Groups are randomly assigned and from there they create a game or experience to show at fuse if selected.


Below is the work I have completed so far on Party Crashers:

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Programs used: Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine (Beauty Renders),  Unity (Game Engine)

Along with the characters I attributed many of the props in this game that are not shown here.
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